Manufaktur Waldhoff is a new and independent manufacture of high-end wrist watches based in Pforzheim, the historical capital of German watchmaking. Its main partners are Manfred and Nicolas, who during a chance encounter at the 2015 Baselworld watch fair, decided to join forces to create a new kind of premium German watch brand.

Their idea was to combine the skill and talent of an experienced Swiss watch designer with the high-tech engineering and manufacturing capabilities of a German watch manufacturer.

Manfred is a watch manufacturer from Pforzheim, with over 40 years of experience.  He started as an apprentice at Stowa in the 70s, working in every department of the company, from assembling watches until reaching the position of sales director over a decace. In 1990, he founded Manfred Starck Gmbh and became independent and independent watch manufacturer.

Nicolas is a watch enthusiast from Geneva, Switzerland, and held positions in several areas in the watch industry in the United-States, Switzerland, and PRC. First as a product designer in 2008, imagining styles for mostly Swiss and American brands, then as a Product Manager, planning collections in detail and remaining close to his roots as a designer. 


They are a team of 4 designers and watchmakers with a passion for timepieces. They don't outsource production or write marketing taglines for cheaply made battery watches.

What really matters to them is:

  • Quality in engineering
  • Traditional handcraft
  • Reliability     
  • High-end design